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YRC 26: YRC Investigates (Oculus Rift)

Oculus Rift (Credit Barone Firenze )
This device looks like something out of Tron (or any science-fiction movie, for that matter). The Oculus Rift, created by Palmer Luckey, is a wearable headset designed to immerse the player into a game.

Wrapped around the player’s head and eyes, the Oculus Rift brings the player into the game through a panaromic fish-eye’s view, creating the illusion of being in the game world itself. Your in-game view is dependent on your head movements. Couple the Rift with very powerful headphones and you will feel as if you were actually in the world of the game itself.

Here are some of the things you can do with the Oculus Rift: you can fly through the air or swim in the see, combat enemies face-to-face, explore buildings, search for objects, drive a vehicle, and even visit a scenic foreign landscape. You could do all these and more without leaving your chair.

One of the problems about the Rift though, is that it can not be used with just any game; it is only compatible with games created or modified for the Oculus Rift’s system. Not only that, you will still have to rely on your computer screen when hooking up the Rift and using it.

There’s also the chance for what experts call “simulator sickness” when using the rift. Your brain thinks you’re moving, while body senses everything is still. While your eyes detect movement, other parts of your body do not. It is the exact reverse of motion sickness, when the eyes detect no motion, but the body does. Yet the effects are the same: dizziness, nausea, sometimes even vomiting. In recent months, great progress has been made to eliminate “simulator sickness”.

The Oculus Rift is currently available from its website as a development kit for USD 350, and will only be released on the market within the next few years. As entertainment technology moves into the future, the Oculus Rift will not be the only device to let gamers go right into the game.

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