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Me & My Family

As parents, we know that being one is not an easy task. Like most parents in Singapore, many of us juggle work commitments with household obligations, whilst ensuring that our children grow up as good citizens who are sincere in their dealings, tolerant to cultural diversity and hardworking in their duties.

The Learning Family Programme, particularly that under the South East CDC, envisions its family-beneficiaries to have a balanced approach to parenting – creating opportunities for them to bond with their children while gaining new insights into parenting.

Tied-up with Janus Education Services, the SE-CDC LFP was the first to benefit from a patented learning suite that helps children progress in the use of English and develop their affinity for critical thinking. Under The Unique Classroom Learning Suite’s Alphabet Learners, the children learnt to appreciate English as a medium of communication, whilst acquiring social skills that they need to
progress to primary school in later years. Parents, on the other hand, were given opportunities to share their experiences and insights, hardships and challenges as parents, inspiring others who attended the parenting sessions.

“Me and My Family” is a treasure trove of insights and illustrations that create a better picture of what a lot of Singaporean families might be experiencing nowadays. This book would not have been possible without the willingness of the participants to open up and share their lives to the class facilitators and the organizers of the Learning Family Programme.

We extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has shown support and fervor in making this endeavor possible. Happy reading.


I find the programme very good. One thing, I get benefits without needing to pay. Second, we’ve become more personal in teaching our child. As proof, now my child can count, he is not shy anymore, and he can read better. My child was shy before, but after he came to the programme now he shouts around and asks the teacher about the lessons – Norhayati

As both the mother and the father, I didn’t expect much at first. I work 12 hours a day, so I wanted a way to connect with my child. I had difficulty understanding some of the English parts at first. I came here more for my daughter. She enjoys the programme; here she can learn – Mohd Indra

The programme is more for learning, although I didn’t expect too much for myself. It was more for my children. They are learning more English, and we gain more bonding time with the kids. As parents, we learnt that we need to spend more time with our children, especially at home.– Ascilin

I expected that the programme would teach my sister a lot of things, and allow her to play with others. I wanted the programme to make it easier for her to make friends. My sister and I talk about the lessons on our way home, and she tells me what she learnt in the Math and English sessions. At home, we talk about her homework; I help her do some of them. – Sumantha

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