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Category: YRC Investigates

YRC 39: Special Feature – Homeschooling

Prior to exploring the subject for this feature, ‘homeschooling’ sounded like a foreign idea – a luxury that expats and rich locals could grant their children. Having heard of a few of our Young Authors who were homeschooled, we could not help but wonder what being homeschooled was like for them. The questions came in: What? Why? How will being homeschooled impact their future?

Monday,13 March 2017 by | Blog, YRC Investigates |

YRC 33: YRC Investigates – YAS Through the Years, Where Are They Now?

In this issue of YRC Investigates, we trace back fellow young authors who have once participated and graduated from the Young Author Scheme and find out what they are currently up to! We speak to four of our previous young authors, Amol Desai, Caryl Lim, Ng Hao Qin and Roy Koh to find out what possible stories they have up their sleeves or which author they are into these days! Join them as they share their aspirations and how writing has inspired them in their path since the YAS!
NOTE: This article has been abridged for online publishing. To get the full article, pick up a copy of YRC 33 today!

Monday,9 November 2015 by | Blog, Catherine Khoo, YRC Investigates |

YRC 26: YRC Investigates (Virtuix Omni)

The Oculus Rift has also inspired the production of other devices meant to further improve the virtual reality experience. Meet the Virtuix Omni, a treadmill-like device that emulates movement inside a game. The Omni, founded by Jan Goetgeluk and funded through Kickstarter, lets you move around while staying in one place, which makes it suitable for games using kinect technology or first-person gameplay.

Thursday,18 September 2014 by | Blog, YRC Investigates |

YRC 26: YRC Investigates (Oculus Rift)

Oculus Rift (Credit Barone Firenze )
This device looks like something out of Tron (or any science-fiction movie, for that matter). The Oculus Rift, created by Palmer Luckey, is a wearable headset designed to immerse the player into a game.

Wrapped around the player’s head and eyes, the Oculus Rift brings the player into the game through a panaromic fish-eye’s view, creating the illusion of being in the game world itself. Your in-game view is dependent on your head movements. Couple the Rift with very powerful headphones and you will feel as if you were actually in the world of the game itself.

Thursday,18 September 2014 by | Blog, YRC Investigates |