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Category: Top 10

YRC 38: TOP 11 — Things About The Janus E-store

We at YRC are proud to present to you readers, our Janus E-store.
Recently launched, it is where you can purchase both electronic and hard copies of works written by our Young Authors over the years.
That means you can check out a variety of stories written by under-18s, and maybe get inspired to write your own book (or try out for the next Young Author Awards).
We give you eleven (yes, eleven!) things to know about our Janus E-store, which may be synonymous to eleven reasons why you should check it out and support our Young Authors.
(P.S. You can also purchase previous issues of YRC on the Janus E-store!)

Monday,5 December 2016 by | Blog, Catherine Khoo, Top 10 |

YRC 37: TOP 10 – Words We Mix Up

Writing can be fun. Reading can be enriching. But sometimes, when you are indulging in a good piece of writing, you have to do a double take because you spotted a glaring error. The truth is, even the best writers can get their words mixed up; a simple switch of a letter or omission of quotation marks could lead to a different meaning and a rather horrid typo. But whether you are a reader or a writer, don’t fret — words are a tricky thing to get around and one should be patient in wielding them well. So, after poring (no mix-up here!) over our online research, here are ten of the numerous words we often get mixed up, and some tips on how to match them well.

Wednesday,26 October 2016 by | Blog, Top 10 |

YRC 36: Top 10 — Ways To Spot A Singaporean Abroad

You are on vacation in another country, and you are out one day surveying the sights and sounds of the place. Suddenly, you spot somebody acting and talking in a manner that seems extremely familiar. It literally hits home when you smile to yourself and say, “Oh hey, a fellow Singaporean’s here!”
Theresa Ellsworth returns to YRC to give you the Top 10 ways to spot a fellow Singaporean overseas. In recent years, more Singaporeans have been venturing abroad to either study or seek new experiences. But as they say, “You can take a Singaporean out of Singapore, but you can’t take Singapore out of a Singaporean!” Certain traits from our homeland tend to stick with us wherever we roam, and this sometimes reunites us with other Singaporeans overseas.
Theresa points out ten such traits, all amusingly true, here.

Thursday,7 July 2016 by | Blog, Catherine Khoo, Top 10 |

YRC 35: Top 10 — Writing Apps

It is the school holidays, and you are planning on how to spend your free time (next to finishing copious amounts of holiday homework). If you love to write, dedicating hours to writing might be on your holiday to-do list. So, we have scoured the Internet to find ten writing apps (whether they be from mobile, desktop or web platforms) that you can use for your writing endeavours, whether you want to write a novel or just a few drabbles. P.S. They are all free!

Wednesday,22 June 2016 by | Blog, Catherine Khoo, Top 10 |