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The Pill of Confidence

Jonas plays the violin very well and has a close relationship with his mother. After his mother passes away suddenly, he vows never to touch the violin again.

The Pill of Confidence is an artfully told story detailing Jonas’ and his father’s journey as they deal with her death. Spanning a couple of years, Pang Shi Hui manages to catch the change of Jonas’ feelings carefully while maintaining a strong message of familial ties.

The Pill of Confidence can be found in Volumes #01 & #02  of the Young Reader Club.
Our Rating: [xrr rating=3.5/5 ]

Thursday,17 March 2011 by | Book, Book Reviews, Heartwarmers |

Young Author Award winners announced!


For those of you who missed the Young Author Award 2010/11 ceremony last Saturday, I have the results!


Friday,11 March 2011 by | Blog, Editor's Thoughts |

Writing Tip: Taking on a different perspective

Have you ever imagined what your prized possessions would say about your life if they could talk? After all, they spend the most time with you; they know your darkest secrets. Wesley Chan of Wong Fu Productions had a similar idea with his video, When Five Fell.


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I Can

I came across this video today and I was compelled to share it with you.


Friday,28 January 2011 by | Blog, Editor's Thoughts, YAC | Raise Your Hand