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YRC 39: Special Feature – Homeschooling

Prior to exploring the subject for this feature, ‘homeschooling’ sounded like a foreign idea – a luxury that expats and rich locals could grant their children. Having heard of a few of our Young Authors who were homeschooled, we could not help but wonder what being homeschooled was like for them. The questions came in: What? Why? How will being homeschooled impact their future?

Monday,13 March 2017 by | Blog, YRC Investigates |

YRC 39: Featured Authors – Eliora Joseph & Athena Tan

It was 4 February 2017, the evening of the beautiful pink-purple sky that came after the rain. Sitting at Coffee Bean at Junction 8, we sat next to two teenage girls and gleefully observed them as they bantered over school debates they had participated in recently. After nearly half an hour of excited chatter, they paused. Turning to us, they asked, “Oh, are you going to start the interview now? Sorry, we got carried away!”

Monday,13 March 2017 by | Blog, Featured Authors |

YRC 38: TOP 11 — Things About The Janus E-store

We at YRC are proud to present to you readers, our Janus E-store.
Recently launched, it is where you can purchase both electronic and hard copies of works written by our Young Authors over the years.
That means you can check out a variety of stories written by under-18s, and maybe get inspired to write your own book (or try out for the next Young Author Awards).
We give you eleven (yes, eleven!) things to know about our Janus E-store, which may be synonymous to eleven reasons why you should check it out and support our Young Authors.
(P.S. You can also purchase previous issues of YRC on the Janus E-store!)

Monday,5 December 2016 by | Blog, Catherine Khoo, Top 10 |

YRC 38: Featured Author — Jerusha Watson

Somewhere in the lush greenery of the far east of Singapore — coupled with the occasional sightings of monkeys, monitor lizards, and snakes — our Featured Author this issue is kicking it back after being relieved of the hustle and bustle of the PSLE. Meet 12-year-old Jerusha Watson, formerly a student of Meridian Primary and currently taking it easy until the next phase of her educational journey. We sat down with Jerusha and her parents, Mr Watson and Mdm Ninitha, to talk about her experiences as a YAS student, a YAA finalist, and an avid learner of anything and everything.

Monday,5 December 2016 by | Blog, Catherine Khoo, Featured Authors |