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About YRC

What’s is Young Reader Club Magazine?

The Young Reader Club is a bi-monthly magazine for kids and teens aged 8 to 16 years old, which aims to build the next generation of writers and thinkers by providing them with a fresh perspective on writing, literature and creativity.

With the purpose of being a voice and a platform for under-18 year olds, YRC works on incorporating social awareness and strengthening confidence in Asia’s literary market by helping spread the ideal that kids can write, while in the process, building a library of Asian literature through its youth.

What’s in the Young Reader Club Magazine?

Carrying a variety of content, both fun and informative, the magazine is divided into four major departments: Young Authors, Education, Scribbles, and Inspirations.
Young Authors

The magazine highlights its three feature stories of the issue, tinged with Asian flair and appeal. The main pillar of YRC, our feature stories aim is to provide the new, emerging Asian generations with a fresh look at storytelling, as told by other young thinkers. YRC is building a cohesive reading and writing community that supports their peers’ literary pursuits. Be amazed by their insights as our authors bring you on a journey through a variety of literary genres that appeal universally.

We break down the walls of self-doubt that aspiring young writers might have by giving them inspirational interviews from fellow young authors who started as young kids aspiring to get published. Now all grown up, and still writing, find out what gets our young featured authors motivated to continue with their dreams and inspired to write more stories.


Gathering views from students, parents, psychologists and teachers, YRC Investigates dissects the heart of an issue and attempts to find solutions to a cause. With the help of our cub reporters, this department sheds light on issues with a child’s perspective. Have a topic that piques your interest; a question to ask? E-mail us at

Three people, three lives, three insights on one country’s education system and beyond. Catch YRC’s newest department and see why Singapore is on the verge of a paradigm shift.

Paired up with a renowned mediation and counseling organization, this department looks at the focal issues that parents have with their growing teens, and with alternatives to help parents and their children cope with the tribulations of growing up. Featured in the department are views from a regular teen columnist and a seasoned mediation professional.

The YRC is more than just a magazine. It’s a useful tool for learning better English comprehension and writing. Tap these useful guide questions for your next group discussion in class or at the student study area.


What do our readers say about the magazine? Do you have thoughts to share as well? Tells us here! Email them to YRC Magazine at!

CORE 101
Members of the Young Author Club CORE tackle hard-hitting issues and provide points of views that challenge and enquire about what is happening in Singapore and beyond! Read to find out how the teens see things in their own light.

Is the grass really greener on the other side? Be exposed to the cultures of other kids living in foreign countries. Email From looks into detail at their daily lives and takes you on a learning cultural experience with them. Find the similarities and differences between your lives and theirs. Is there a country you’d like to know more about? Let us know at!

Having published her first short story at a tender age of 13 years old, YRC Managing Editor Catherine Khoo shares tips to help you find that creative spark to write your first book! Now a writer and publisher, Catherine helps break through a writer’s block and refine, and redefine, their stories through her writing tips.

Tons of things are happening at Janus Education Services and in the programmes and tie-ups that we have. Read on to find out how we can help you in your creative writing cravings!


A take on the issue’s theme through a photographer’s lenses, this department looks at how different strokes and techniques show out the best of a photo – so good that they actually make you start thinking, and inspired to write about it! Got a high-resolution photo to share to us? Send them to and get a prize for it too!

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