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YRC 35: Top 10 — Writing Apps

It is the school holidays, and you are planning on how to spend your free time (next to finishing copious amounts of holiday homework). If you love to write, dedicating hours to writing might be on your holiday to-do list. So, we have scoured the Internet to find ten writing apps (whether they be from mobile, desktop or web platforms) that you can use for your writing endeavours, whether you want to write a novel or just a few drabbles. P.S. They are all free!
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YRC 35: Special Feature — YAA 2015/2016 Judges

This year marks the second time we have invited our former Young Authors to be judges for our finalists’ stories. This year, seven former Young Authors have stepped forward and took up the judges’ mantles, reading through our forty finalists’ written works over a few weeks.
Let’s meet the seven judges, all having previously written stories that were either once in the Young Author Awards or simply caught our eyes because of how captivating they were. Now all grown up, these former Young Authors have gone far since their childhood writing endeavours and still take the time to dabble in the craft of writing.
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YRC 34: Top 10 — Things To Do In Bandung

Now that you have taken a look at our Learning Journey in Bandung, are you eager to find out more about one of Indonesia’s many districts? We narrow down our Top 10 Things to Do in Bandung, and spill more details about why you should visit this intriguing place.

Every trip, especially an overseas one, starts with a plane. Every plane comes from an airline.
One of the factors responsible for an enjoyable overseas trip is the airline service, so select an airline that would definitely give you what you are looking for in comfortable travel.
One of the sponsors for the Bandung trip was Air France, a high-end airline. During the flight to and back from Bandung, expect to be fed with delicious food and well-rested in comfortable seats.
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YRC 34: Breaking Boundaries — Learning Journey To Bandung

In 2015, from November 24 to 27, a team of ten — mostly comprising of teachers — took a trip to Bandung in Indonesia for a ‘recce’ for an upcoming Learning Journey. This trip would expose Journeyers to the vibrant culture of Indonesia, from sights and sounds to food to tourist spots. Visiting Bandung was not just a sightseeing trip and cultural exchange, but also an opportunity for the team to personally learn and develop.
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